Goodbye, “Goodbye”.

I am wandering around the apartment alternately crying at the idea of leaving beautiful Cuenca, Ecuador, and grinning at the thought of starting a new chapter of my life in an RV in the USA.
My tickets are bought, my bags are packed, the cat’s paperwork is in progress, and we’ve made a good start packing up all the household goods we so laboriously shipped here just last Fall. Steve is going to stay behind to finish packing and shipping them back. I can’t stay much longer because I get physically weaker every day from the altitude. Chewing coca leaves helps, but I can only chew so many before getting irritable. So long as I don’t have to pass a drug test any time soon…


So, this blog, Goodbye USA, Hello Ecuador, is about to run critically short of material. I’ve started a new blog to chronicle my journeys around the open roads of the USA. This blog will be family-friendly and apolitical. You can find it at peripateticperi and I invite you to follow it.
If you’ve been following more for my posts of poetry, fiction, mysticism, or musings on human nature, you might be interested in Consistent Principles, a blog in which I will versify, philosophize, contemplate, dissect, rant, inform, and share short previews of my fiction. Why not follow both?

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, “Goodbye”.

  1. Peri, I’m really sorry Ecuador didn’t work out. I knew they had problems…of course they’re everywhere. I’m still stuck here in Honduras with my farm; I suppose I’ll be here until the end. It’s beautiful…and there are threats and extortionists, none of which I’ll ever cave in to… We have a cadre of good people, great climate, good good, low cost of living. But I have to say, I envy your peregrination in an RV! You’re a good writer, and your blogs very entertaining, so we’ll always be up to date! Feliz viajes donde sean!


    1. Shucks, Bill…thanks. I hope we meet IRL one day. I’d love to learn your whole story of how you came to settle in Honduras.


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