Hummingbird Lessons

Some people make friends easily and then move on. Others of us are more reserved. We share our spirits and something of our essence in friendships, and if a friendship ends abruptly with no explanation (you know who you are!) it causes pain and grief. One of the hardest life lessons for me has been to learn which friendships are like flowers, to be flitted up to and visited for their sweetness, and which are like nests, containing the tiny, priceless eggs of the future.

One thing I am discovering here is that the people who have plucked themselves up by the roots and transplanted themselves are people of courage, imagination, and curiosity. I am delighted to have made some new women friends here who awe me with their insight, wisdom, experience, and joy in life. The leisurely pace of life here, on top of the leisurely pace of retirement, enables me to take the time to talk heart-to-heart with these nonconformists with eclectic experience and outlook and huge, open hearts.

3 thoughts on “Hummingbird Lessons

  1. I so enjoy your muses and insights mi amiga.

    A rambling lesson I’ve been taught by Pema Chodron is to not label my friends as “best” friend etc. I create problems when I put my friends in these rigid boxes/labels. So I release them from my agenda of what I think a best friend is and release them to their own agenda. And I’ve experienced friendships being like rivers or streams that sometimes we’re flowing together and then we drift apart and at some point we come together again.

    This doesn’t minimize the pain of losing a friend or the confusion when they are not there for me. But it has helped train my mind to label less and less. And that’s turned out to be a good thing.

    Abrazos, Suz.

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