Fish Out of Water

Yesterday, a new friend my husband recently made called him, almost in tears. He had moved here a few weeks ago, and he was panicking. He had a moment of realization that everything and everyone he had ever known and loved was thousands of miles away; he was in a foreign country where he didn’t know the language or the laws; he was adrift, lost, frightened, homesick. Steve sat down with him in the park and they just talked. He reassured him that homesickness and culture shock were a normal part of making one’s life in a new land and shared with him a description of some of my crying spells from the first few weeks. When they parted ways, he thanked Steve for the reassurance and comfort.

Last night I dreamed I was responsible for a huge tank of fish. I had other things to do and I was gone longer than usual. When I returned, the tank was dry. I was sure my charges were dead.  As I approached the tank, I saw the small silver fish neatly arrayed on a plastic plant, stacked on the little branches like dishes in a dish drainer. Each fish was folded in half. I was beside myself with regret and remorse. I came closer and saw that the bottom of the tank was filled with a layer of the fish, all still and dead.

I reached out to take one of the fish off the plant. To my surprise, when I touched it, it flipped the other way and straightened out. It was alive!  I picked it up and it wriggled from my fingers, slid into its vacant spot, and folded itself precisely in half. I picked up another and the same thing happened. I touched each fish and they briefly straightened out, then returned to their position. They were going to be okay if I just poured water in the tank.

I poked at the fish on the bottom of the tank and they didn’t move. I picked one up and it fell apart in my hand.  The ones who stayed behind were mostly dead, although here and there one gave a weak wriggle.

Maybe I am a fish out of water here. But the water is gone. Time flows on under the bridge. Even the USA I left behind six months ago is not the USA of today. Those of us who chose to leave the water on our own terms have found our places here. We are going to be fine.


4 thoughts on “Fish Out of Water

  1. Your dream represents Spiritual Time–the past, present and future. The fish folded in half represents your husband, Steve, going through the pain of the kidney stone that was lodged in his body prior to his operation… (past). Since the fish on the plant were able to exert their presence, it shows that they were still alive. That’s the same thing Steve is demonstrating…. (present). Steve will be fine with a better diet than he has now… (future). This means a diet high in plant foods or foods of Nature, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, preferably organic. This was part of the message of the fish surviving on the plant.

    The missing water refers to the USA, which you left behind… (past). The water is beginning to dry out… (present) and many people are going to perish, as the fish on the bottom displayed… (future a). On the other hand, there are going to be those who survive the incredible devastation that will occur. This means that the country is going to come out to be a better place than before based on the determination of its people to manifest their integrity, intelligence and wisdom… (future b). This is demonstrated by the ingenuity of the fish folding in half on the plant. Plants are green, and green represents life, abundance, creativity, longevity, truth, openness and freedom. You can see all these qualities expressing themselves in plants. So the future of the USA will be better than it is now.

    You, being the dreamer, will provide the water for the fish to live. This means you are going to continue to be a wonderful person.

    Note: A dream that represents Spiritual Time means that you, the dreamer, must become Spiritually motivated to understand more about your Spiritual qualities and purpose in life. The fact that you are having Spiritual dreams of time – dealing with the past, present and future – means there is something very important in your life that you cannot take for granted.


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